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The leading cloud platform for mobile apps

blmcloud.com is a multi-tenant platform for mobile services.Your mobile app can use the blmcloud.com web services APIs to implement the most common features of mobile solutions independent of channel or mobile device type.It is a SAAS offering enabling mobile solutions ,mobile banking and mobile commerce on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Customers of the Blue Label MSP benefit from the rapid and cost effective development associated with the use of this Saas multi-tenanted platform. The Mobile Services Platform is a collection of mobile-centric web services that provide a state of the art solution using a highly scalable, modular service oriented architecture. Various modules in the blmcloud.com platform offers support for all mobile channels including SMS, USSD, mobile websites and downloadable client applications (Java Blackberry, Android). It works across all networks and all mobile phones.

The MSP is a one stop shop for all mobile API requirements.

The API is incorporated into mobile solutions on an as-needed basis depending on the custom solution required. The collection of APIs is organised into logical modules representing the object model and functionality contained therein:

Module interfaces

  1. User Module (account creation, authentication, administration)
  2. User Profile (account specific information, generic and configurable across different solutions)
  3. Wallet (electronic wallet, store and transfer value, balance enquiries and transaction history statements)
  4. Shop (catalogue of virtual goods and services available for sale)
  5. Order engine ( create and checkout order)
  6. Messaging ( instant messaging, email, sms)

For more detail information about the MSP please see our brochure:

BLMCloud Brochure.PDF


The USSD application framework is a server side application which provides customers with the ability to rapidly deploy USSD based solutions, from mobile banking through to other value added services. The framework manages mobile originated USSD requests when customers ordinarily dial a USSD string, eg. *130*256#, to access products and services. The request is channelled through the network operators, through the wireless application service providers to the USSD Application Framework. The responses, i.e. appropriate menus and functionality, are returned to the requesting mobile client based on the dial string. Menu’s, functionality and workflows are easily configured using, and importantly integrated to the blmcloud.com MSP API.


Securing communications between mobile applications and their service providers is generally not trivial to accomplish on a broad scale. The differing standards across mobile manufacturers and the lack of root certificate compatibility have led many mobile application developers to rely on the GSM protocol for encryption. What is often overlooked is that fact that data leaving the mobile service providers is not encrypted and vulnerable to packet sniffing and spoofing.

In addition establishing the true identity and authenticity of an online user is often tricky. Application developers traditionally make use of usernames and passwords, granting a user unconditional access once these are validated.

mobiSecure solves these problems through the implementation of a unique solution that is analogous to an SLL certificate, providing strong encryption, with the added benefit of being able identify remote users absolutely uniquely via bilateral certificate validation. mobiSecure utilised industry standard Public/Private Key cryptography to uniquely identify each user and encrypt data transmitted.

mobiSecure can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Digital fingerprints and identity
  • Mobile banking
  • Secure messaging
  • Encryption
  • Secure transactions
  • Card payment authentication
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