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Mobile Services Platform Customers

The MSP is successfully deployed and used by the following list of customers. The blmcloud.com MSP platform provides the prepaid services and mobile channel access for all these customers.

Customers List Customers List
Ubank, a South African bank servicing the workers in the mining industry, chose to implement their cellphone banking service on the Mobile Services Platform provided by blmcloud.com. The cellphone banking service supports thousands of ubank customers 24/7. ubank customers can now safely and conveniently do account enquiries, transfers and airtime purchases using their mobile phone via USSD.
The Mobile Merchant solution is hosted on, and consumes, the core APIs of the Mobile Services Platform. It’s a custom solution which is licensed out to Blue Label and partner companies and serves as a trading platform for prepaid airtime and services. It is channel independent using USSD, Java and WAP, which all leverage off the same blmcloud.com web services. The key to the solution is the backend wallet and transactional accounting which is all provided by our SAAS mobile API.
CigiCell is one of South Africa’s leading prepaid electricity providers. Blmcloud.com powers the transactional backend, website and mobile distribution of electricity vouchers directly to end consumers for CigiCell. The mobile services platform is ideally suited to providing the business logic and services required in this solution, most notable of which are user account management, product ordering and settlement, transaction reconciliation and enforcement of transaction limits.
The blmcloud.com mobile-centric API providesCellfind with the user account, transactional settlement and prepaid product set which are packaged as various products in their own Value Added Services offering. The application is channel agnostic and is delivered primarily through USSD dial strings. The channel support is provided using the blmcloud.com USSD application platform with which the application user interface is configured.
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